Principles of Business Management

コースコード: BUS101
This course introduces 21st Century business management. It pays special attention to managing start-ups and new initiatives. By way of case studies, role play, and group projects, participants learn how entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and their teams understand the complex situations they face, strategize, and then create business models enabling them to innovate continuously. All sessions of the course offer opportunities for participants to learn to design systems of human activity in a “hands-on” fashion, using the cloud-based technical platforms that distinguish this century’s businesses from all of their predecessors.
Upon successful completion of this class, students will be able to:
-Participate in “management” as a collaborative practice of organizing systems of human activity in turbulent environments.
-Co-design, develop, and test “branding”, that is, marketing objectives and images for a new product or service.
-Co-design, develop, and walk-thru (or “pitch”) to investors a model for a new business, including its marketing, operational, and financial objectives.
If you are new to business and/or you would like a solid, practical understanding of entrepreneurship, then this course is for you. It should also be useful to individuals thinking about joining a start-up or a “fast company”, such as employees of traditional corporations, as well as professionals, technical people, or “creatives” working alone.
Business Model Generation
Daniel Clapper, PMP